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Phonix Multitrade- Commodities Trading

Phonix Multitrade is a two-decade old global internet brokerage. At Phonix Multitrade, we believe in building strong foundations with right education and creating long lasting relationships with our clients to create endless possibilities. We have a collective corporate culture and we practice professionalism driven by values. We serve our clients with the best solutions that have unparalleled quality and a dedicated Customer Support team.


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Commodities Trading

Along with Phonix Multitrade, you can trade commodities exactly the same way as currency trades with no physical purchase or sale.

About Us

Phonix Multitrade is a value driven global internet brokerage company that strives on building strong foundations and creating long lasting relationships. The professionalism is well reflected in our work as we work meticulously to ensure that our client needs are met.

A complete transparency is what our customers can expect when trading with us. We make trading recommendations to our clients based on the daily forecasts that include multiple levels of accounts and trading hours. Our devotion to give access to programming and quality confirmations ensures the best of services for our customers.

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Our mission is to assist our Traders in making distinctive, persistent, and sustainable improvements in their performances and to develop an exceptional firm which builds successful earning portfolios across globe for clients. We believe that we only succeed when our clients are successful.

Solving hardest problems require the most experienced and skilled people who are drawn towards opportunities demanding solutions for complex issues. We have built our firm around this belief which is reflected in our mission to create a strong organization that is consistent in its performance.


Improvise our clients’ performance rapidly and effectively.

Our Values

We at Phonix Multitrade abide by the apex professional standards and values.


We are driven by principles and believe in giving our clients 100% commitment.

Problem & Solution

Phonix Multitrade Trading software is fully automated.Our trade strategy signals that continuously monitor the all stock looking for high probability real time Buy and Sell opportunities.